Hot Air Filter

For Hot Air types, it is equipped with an explosion venting device.ICF construction forms tangential inlet ensuring a stable flow behavior around the filter bags. With no risk of “dead corners” or temperature pockets. The ICF construction forms 14 and 16 have a tangential filter inlet with an integrated, dynamic pre-separator .The integrated air distributor and rotation dampers ensure a stable flow behavior around the filter bags, qualifying the filter for abrasive products. Major part is down-flow filtrated, thereby maintaining a minimum pressure drop and a significant filter capacity. The construction forms wide-body have a radial filter inlet with an integrated diffuser system. Independent of the air capacity, a low air velocity into the filter is ensured, thus protecting the filter bags against abrasive dust. The inlet is dimensioned for maximum capacity and is – with no risk of dust depositing – capable of handling unlimited dust loads.

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