Bulk Loading

Dustless Loading Spout
The ICF Dustless Loading Spout is used for loading dry bulk solids into trucks, railcars, barges, ships and containers. The spouts incorporate a series of stacking cones that contain the product as it free falls into the vessel being loaded. An outer sleeve assembly envelops the cone sections in order to contain fugitive dust.

Loading Spout Positioner
ICF complements the Dustless Loading Spout product line with single axis or dual axis spout positioners that can load a vehicle without the need to reposition during loading.

Integral Dust Collector
ICF complements the Dustless Loading Spout product line with integral dust collectors that are mounted directly above the spout. The integral dust collector may be applied on dustless loading spouts where there is insufficient dust collection.

Truck Loading System Outstanding Features
Effective – complete dust control system, unmatched by competitive dust control systems.
Simplicity – carefully engineered and designed for effective and reliable automation.
Quality – Unloading system is made up of industry standard heavy duty, top-of-the-line equipment.
Automated – No need for repotting, operator attention greatly minimized, shipping container is completely filled quickly and efficiently.
Economical – Low initial cost often can be used in conjunction with existing equipment, low operating costs, reduces housekeeping & minimizes operator exposure.

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