Gantry Crane

Gantry cranes, bridge cranes, and overhead cranes, are all types of cranes which lift objects by a hoist which is fitted in a hoist trolley and can move horizontally on a rail or pair of rails fitted under a beam.
Crane capacity range: 5 tons to 200 tons
Crane span range: 5 M to 30 M

Design and manufacture according to “General Gantry Crane Code”.
Mainly made up of bridge, trolley, crane traveling mechanism and electric system.
All the procedure is finished in the operating room.
Applies to the open warehouse or rail along for general handling and lifting work.
Also can be equipped with other lifting devices like grab or container spreader or etc. for special work.
Prohibited for high temperature, flammable, explosive, corrosion, overloading, dust or other dangerous operations.

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