Single Wire

Single-and multi-rope bucket is different from many ropes bucket crane is on the ropes and to support the opening and closing of each other rope Bucket control switch. Single-rope bucket is directly linked to the crane hook, hook on the landing and taking off to bucket the completion of opening and closing movements. Therefore the use of single-rope bucket crane does not need special (such as bucket cranes, etc.), you can crawl all kinds of bulk materials such as steel scrap.

We produced the single-rope bucket opening and closing of its new institutions, loading and unloading of materials when opening and closing with ease, the use of machine linked to facilitate the demolition. Note: it cannot open in the air.

WORKING PRINCIPLE: Single rope bucket was controlled by slip seat, spring chain, and hold hook. When loading, bucket open, fall, bucket material, lifting. When unloading, full bucket transport to the goal, fall, open. Then the material will fall by its weight.

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